Blog: Dave LeggettWell done Lewis Hamilton

Dave Leggett | 10 June 2007

Well done to Lewis Hamilton on winning his first F1 GP. What an impact he has had out of nowhere. Not only is the great man English, but he comes from the same place as me - Stevenage (about thirty miles north of London on the A1). I almost went to the same school as he did (he went to a better one than me, a state school that was formerly a private Roman Catholic school and consistently got the best exam results in the town).

Anyway, good to see Stevenage  - a 'new town' designed for 'London overspill' in the decades after WWII - being better known for something other than the old Knebworth pop festivals (Led Zep in '79; Beach Boys in 1980 - I got in over the fence with some mates and got horribly drunk on a bottle of Teacher's whisky, slept in a field overnight); Kevin Phillips the underachieving footballer; 'The Borough'  lifting the FA Trophy (sorry, Kiddies) at the new Wembley a few weeks ago; and the state of the art cycleways (the town planners really went for it).

Oh, and British Aerospace (nee BAC, Hawker Siddeley) - my dad helped design bits of planes, satellites and, ahem, missiles. And my brothers, Alan and Steve are quite well known in certain parts of the vicinity - like the White Hart pub on the High Street in the 'Old Town' (told you I'd get you in here eventually Al; and I hope you are not overdoing it over in Malaysia, Stevie lad - look forward to you coming home later this summer). That's enough of that. 

Do we miss a certain M Schumacher? Nah, not that much. A bloke from Stevenage winning the F1 world drivers' championship in his first season? I hope it happens. Not just because we come from the same place and he seems like a decent young guy, but because a newcomer with terrific drive is having such an impact and that's a pure joy to see - especially in a sport that had got just a bit predictable. He must have dreamt of the life he is having and he's having it. There's hope for all of us.

The boy done good


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