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Dave Leggett | 3 January 2006

Well, here we are in 2006, holidays over and it's the first day 'back at school' for most of us. Happy New Year and all that. I spent part of the festive period in Paris where I was a little surprised to see a fairly large cavalcade of British plate Lotus Elises doing their bit for Anglo-French relations as part of a big New Year's day parade in the city. Must have been a blast driving down through northern France and I wonder how many speeding tickets they racked up.

Next to the parked up Elises near to the Eiffel Tower was a limbering up marching band from a High School in Washington State and a bunch of people dressed as snowmen. Oddly enough, the spruced up and ready-to-party Norfolk hardware didn't seem at all out of place.



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