Blog: Dave LeggettWel-come home, weeeelcome…

Dave Leggett | 21 June 2004

As ‘70s singing duo Peters & Lee once said: Wel-come home, weeeelcome…

I arrived back in England early this morning (6:30am) to a delightful shambles at Heathrow airport. Several long-distance arrivals at the same time led to half hour queuing for UK passport holders clearing passport control at Terminal 4. It was on the verge of getting ugly. The officials on duty (‘jobsworths’) seemed pretty oblivious to the stress and anxiety being caused by the lack of capacity.

Never mind. I shouldn’t be complaining too much. British Airways upgraded me from economy to a fancy seat in business that was more slumber compartment than seat. The planets, stars and anything else you can think of must have been aligned to secure such good fortune when I checked in. I still couldn’t sleep though.

I certainly saw quite a bit of the US mid-west last week, travelling from Detroit to Indianapolis and then back again, via a resort called Port Clinton, situated at the bottom of Lake Erie in Ohio. The Taurus loaned to me by Ford was excellent for that sort of journey and ate up the miles no problem. However, next time I do a journey like that, I think I may bring some music with me. I generally like listening to local radio stations when I travel, as they give you a rough and ready guide to the local culture. But most of the stations seemed to have little going on beyond their mission to broadcast ‘light rock’ and eighties oldies, in between lengthy commercial breaks. Trust me: there’s only so much of that sort of output you can take before you start chewing the steering wheel.

More blogs to follow when I’m feeling more human. Suffice to say, Indy F1 practice day and the associated motorsport event were well worth doing on several levels. Mr M Schumacher lost it on a bend and his car spun several times right in front of me. Hope I can get to Indy 500 one day. Incidentally, the coast on Lake Erie is an entomologist’s dream at this time of the year. The Mayflies (AKA muffleheads, Canadian soldiers, Junebugs) were hatched and swarming. Freaky but harmless.



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