Blog: Glenn BrooksWatch Volvo's next XC90 get rolled, and rolled

Glenn Brooks | 28 November 2014

Volvo. It

Volvo. It's Latin for...

We all remember that video of the outgoing XC90 being rolled SEVEN times and no crushing of the roof. To me, it's been the gold standard of safe cars ever since. 

Over and over the first generation XC90 went, way in excess of any worldwide regulatory testing requirements. It spoke volumes about where the company's priorities were, and remain.

I noticed how popular this past week's news story concerning the Datsun Go was, and got to thinking about which new vehicle might, by contrast, be one of the least injurious. Did you see that the little Go doesn't even have separate head restraints - no doubt it saves money - but even if you survived a collision in one of these cars, the resultant whiplash would likely bedevil you for a long time.

Three things impress me about this slow-mo clip. One: watch how the roof doesn't deform as the side of the new-shape XC90 is hit mighty hard. Two: did the A-pillar even bend during that same impact? And Three: on the rollover, even after the roof takes the vehicle's weight plus gravity, there is no sign of any deformation. Incredibly, the windscreen doesn't crack. How do you say 'gobsmackingly strong pillars and roof' in Swedish?

The thing which always gets me with VCC is how quietly it goes about its work in safety. There is no ad campaign that I have seen which shows this video. The Swedes don't like to shout about this sort of stuff. They seem to be just getting on with their goal that by 2020, nobody should be killed or injured in a new Volvo. This, I applaud.

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