Blog: Dave LeggettWas George Orwell right?

Dave Leggett | 1 May 2003

I have some sympathy with this chap's discussion forum entry. The technology exists to really keep an eye on us and our driving these days. The wind is changing on congestion charging/road use charging in the UK lately. The £5 charge for entering Central London seems to have been deemed a success and the idea of charging for road use more generally on an electronic metering basis seems to be gaining greater political acceptance. Maybe it won't be long before all road movements are monitored automatically in Europe.

Ah, the simple pleasures of old. A car with a carburettor and a manual choke (oh such fun to be had flooding the engine first thing) and the possibility that if something went wrong you may, if the mood took you and you had a Haynes manual, be able to attempt a botched fix yourself. No, I do not want e-mail in my car.


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