Blog: Dave LeggettWagoner rumblings

Dave Leggett | 23 March 2006

Rumblings of discontent with Rick Wagoner's leadership of GM are hardly surprising given the state the company is in. But what's the alternative? The rumblings might actually help him in discussions with the UAW, as the thought may occur to them: better the devil we know. It is easy to take cheap pot shots at Wagoner over GM's US failings, but how much is down to him? Not all that much, actually. And, as David Cole says, a replacement with a more kick-ass approach could do more harm than good.

GM is actually doing okay overall outside of the US and deserves some credit for that. Europe looks a lot better now. Chevrolet is shaping up well as a global value brand. GM leads in China. It's not all good, but there is a pretty positive story to tell. The company's knotty US problems - in part endemic to the industry generally in the US, let's remember - probably require someone at the helm who is respected on all sides, rather than goes in all guns blazing. A consensus builder. At least for now, anyway, and until that approach has been seen to fail.

US: Wagoner critics speak out - report


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