Blog: Dave LeggettVW's ZA automotive oddity

Dave Leggett | 20 November 2003

Not many people know this, but the Golf Mk 1 is still made in South Africa as a cheap 'n' cheerful entry level model called CitiGolf. Glenn Brooks has written to say that those crazy South Africans have just gone and updated it. For 2004, Glenn says, the 'Citigolf loses its front quarter panes, gets new mirrors and....this is the weirdest bit, a quite fetching and thoroughly updated interior, complete with those rubbery-feel venetian blind vents from the Fabia, Passat et al..'

Glenn adds that 'prices start at ZAR 66,270 or £5,900 but South Africa is a pricey place for cars, of course. Try £20,600 for a (Mark IV) Golf GTI  - about £5000 more than we pay in a country that has wages even lower than the UK's! No wonder people pay decent money for thirty year old Golfs.'

Thanks Glenn. Maybe grey and dank Blighty isn't so bad after all. Wonder why cars are so expensive in ZA? Import tariffs applying to parts?


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