Blog: Glenn BrooksVW to reveal next Golf in Berlin on 4 September

Glenn Brooks | 22 August 2012

The web is abuzz with information about the Mark VII Golf. How much of it is true? We'll find out in 12 days' time.

What's certain is that this will be the first Volkswagen to use the MQB platform as introduced by the Audi A3. The Golf will be cheaper to build, and reportedly up to 100kg lighter version for version compared to the current model.

According to some sources, the boot lip is lower, the boot volume is 380 litres (+30 litres) and the car itself is 56mm longer and 13mm wider, with a ride height that has been reduced by 28mm.

After the launch of the big selling versions will come the GTI, plus an EV and a hybrid. VW of America has already told the media that the latter two derivatives are under development. Will we see them in EU markets? Hard to say but if anyone can get Europeans to change their views on plug-ins and hybrids, it will be the market leader.


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