Blog: Simon WarburtonVW raises a laugh

Simon Warburton | 7 February 2011

Finally, from the US, a TV ad that is genuinely funny.

It's just a personal opinion of course, but I struggle to raise a laugh at most American ads on the box.

Car ads in Europe quite often focus on humour, so it's heartening to see this commercial from VW that aired during last night's marathon coverage (I know, I come from a country that can take five days to finish a cricket game) of Superbowl XLV.

Those Superbowl ads reach what General Motors claims to be a staggering 95m Americans at once - with the stations charging extraordinary amounts of money as a result.

Talking of GM, their Chevy ad again broadcast during the game, wasn't quite as funny, but humour's notoriously subjective.

And just because I've remembered it, while at the Detroit show last month, we drove past a huge billboard, advertising some latest diet sensation.

The giant slogan read: "The weight is over."

Now that's funny.


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