Blog: Dave LeggettVW Polo on the slide

Dave Leggett | 28 October 2004

I was a little bit surprised to see how far VW Polo sales are sliding in Europe right now. The supermini segment is pretty competitive and the car was last updated in 2001, but it doesn't look obviously dated. Maybe it's the slightly steep pricing? But then, it has to be priced higher than the also not exactly cheap - built in Belgium - and smaller Lupo (also taking a sales caning this year, prior to deletion next year). Bernhard Langer clearly needs to sort out the Volkswagen pricing and cost base at the small car end of the market. But at least he knows that the Brazilian-built Fox is coming - it ought to be very cheap compared with Lupo, with room for a little downward drift on those hefty Polo prices.

Polo production cuts


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