Blog: Dave LeggettVW Polo BlueMotion

Dave Leggett | 17 September 2007

I'm going to a Volkswagen media event later today at a great big hotel in the middle of the countryside (Tylney Hall) - it's the presentation of the Polo 'BlueMotion'. In a nutshell, BlueMotion is a funky name for a range of modifications to engine, bodywork and transmission that make the variant the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the range. Forget air-con and electric mirrors and say hello to friction minimising skinny tyres. 

But you can get over 70 miles to the gallon and it produces less CO2/km than a Toyota Prius. Will it catch on? The rebranding as 'BlueMotion' might help get consumers' attention, but the standard and much better equipped Polo diesel - the 1.4TDI SE retails  for about the same price and gets 60 odd to the gallon, which is pretty good.



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