Blog: Dave LeggettVW Phaeton

Dave Leggett | 6 May 2003

A news release and pics of Volkswagen's new Phaeton arrived in the post today - it goes on sale June 16 in the UK. £42,905 to £68,260 for Piech's baby. Sounds like an excessive amount of money for a Volkswagen to me. I know there are some people who will have the urge to be different and let the world know, but are there enough well-heeled people who will buy in to the idea of a super-luxury Volkswagen? I think not. But I have noticed in the press release that all owners receive one-year membership of a concierge service called 'Essentially'. It can in VW's words, ' anything from booking last minute concert tickets or a weekend away at a hotel, to arranging tables at exclusive restaurants.' That should really swing it. Put the S-class on hold.


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