Blog: Dave LeggettVW Passat: the car born of obsession

Dave Leggett | 24 March 2005

Anyone remember those Volkswagen Passat TV ads (sorry, I can only speak for Britain in terms of where they were screened) in which the almost manic attention to detail of the Passat’s engineers was gently satirised (Passat’s doors repeatedly shut for clunk sound quality etc)? I think we are talking late 1990s for the ‘car born of obsession’ campaign, though I am not good at placing dates to things (memory man I ain’t). Anyway, the objective of that advertising campaign was to refocus the Passat story away from dull reliability and towards meticulous attention to detail and build quality.

We had an item in the news this week that just reminded me of that campaign. Finally, that wet umbrella problem that has been causing so much grief to Passat owners has a solution. I wondered if this was a dry (sorry) joke at first - not something that Wolfsburg is renowned for - but apparently not. Maybe I am the odd one out here? I rarely use an umbrella and I also resent the selfish use of umbrellas in the busy street that multiply the pedestrian's sidewalk/pavement footprint five-fold and also threaten eye removal via the protruding tips of the brolly's spokes. Like the idiots with foglights on at night when there's the merest hint of precipitation and visibility is down to fifty miles, these people will always be with us.

GERMANY: Volkswagen Passat solves the wet umbrella problem


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