Blog: Dave LeggettVW Golf GTi ad

Dave Leggett | 31 January 2005

Some things just shouldn't be messed with. And Gene Kelly's famous choreographed routine in Singin' In The Rain is one of them. The technology exists to play around endlessly with film and sound, so much so that it's no longer seen as especially clever. I don't know a huge amount about Gene Kelly but that one-take routine is truly amazing to watch. I caught the latest VW Golf GTi TV ad (the scene messed around with, limbs all over the place, defying gravity and so on) for the first time on TV (British, satellite, can't remember which channel) last night and felt that it crossed the bad taste line, although I can see where the ad agency creatives are coming from. The joke would have been much better if they'd carried out another interpretion, maybe used a different actor etc. The fact that the guy is dead and can't complain adds to the sense of something being plain wrong here. Should I calm down, lighten up? Maybe.


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