Blog: Dave LeggettVW Fox

Dave Leggett | 20 April 2006

I am back from driving the Fox now. I drove the 1.2-litre petrol version (there's also a 1.4-litre petrol). Impressions? As a low-cost entry-level car it is pretty spacious (lack of space was one of the main criticisms of the model it replaces, the Lupo - well, that and its exorbitant price); taller and wider than a Polo and just 90cms shorter; but a whole 30cms longer than the outgoing Lupo.

Four-star NCAP too; not bad going on a car in this class. A diesel isn't being offered and that's one of the things that will help protect the Polo range from too much cannibalisation. Is there hard plastic inside the cabin? Of course, bucketloads of it, but the finish isn't at all bad for a car like this. The cabin has a generic VW feel to it. Build quality looks good enough too, at least on this first batch for journalists.

But - and here's the thing that really got me - this car comes in at £6,590, some £1,290 less than the entry-level Lupo. Okay, VW messed up a bit with Lupo, but it seems to have got its cost sums right with this one, which is made in Brazil. How many Polo (entry-level Polo comes in at £7,495) customers will decide they'd rather have a Fox though?

As you can see from below pic, it wasn't exactly ideal conditions for driving (April in England; no sign of global warming this year, though it was a rare wet day).


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