Blog: Dave LeggettVW footballing analogy

Dave Leggett | 25 April 2008

I have heard Rob Golding make caustic remarks about the big German company AGMs before and I don't think Volkswagen is by any means unique in its quaint procedures, though Ferdinand Piech is perhaps a master in manipulating them for his own ends.

Sounds like Rob's patience threshold was finally breached yesterday and he could not help but indulge in a little venting. Poor lad had a lot on with financial results yesterday and didn't much care for the bit players being given too much time by VW to meander aimlessly while the big questions were barely addressed, the untouchable Piech apparently revelling in it all.

Must say, I enjoyed Rob's footballing analogy at the start of his piece. Clearly things haven't been going smoothly down at 'The Valley' (home to his beloved Charlton Athletic) lately - off or on the pitch. Just what is the world coming to when getting a beer at a major (I'm being kind) sports event is that difficult? Note to self: don't wind him up even further about the Addicks being condemned to another season out of the top flight - he might explode. 

GOLDING’S TAKE on VW’s AGM: For one day only the lunatics run the asylum


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