Blog: Dave LeggettVolvo - opportunity knocks?

Dave Leggett | 5 October 2009

If you are an ex-Ford person with some decent contacts, well, there might be some opportunities out there to front a consortium. Take Volvo Cars. Yes, there is the small matter of convincing your backers that they will get a return on a reasonable timsecale, but if you can do that you may well then go on to get a very good hearing in Dearborn.

And many in Sweden are a little concerned about what a Chinese owner (Geely) would really mean - perhaps a little unfairly in the specific, but the concern in general is pretty legitimate. And Ford might also be quite concerned about who they sell to and what technology they get access to as a result.

So, if you can secure Swedish backers, you could find yourself on a roll. But you do need to have a very good team together at this stage. Get some Volvo Swedes on board and an American-Swedish solution could quickly gain momentum. 

The Geely strength is that the money is serious and pretty much there. Money talks, but if I were at Geely I'd be looking for some high-profile Swedes or other Europeans to help 'Swedify' or 'Europeanise' my bid - and quick.

SWEDEN: New consortium bids for Volvo


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