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Dave Leggett | 17 August 2006

After the buried treasure business that linked in nicely with the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie (enjoyed the first one, as did Johnny Depp I reckon), I came across another interesting example of Volvo marketing today in the form of the 'Volvo for life' awards. A press release sent to me by Volvo Car announced that the overall winner of the 4th annual contest had just taken delivery of an XC90. 

It's a US marketing initiative and the 5th annual contest is already underway.

Via a dedicated website people can nominate and vote for 'local heroes' online. Must admit to being a little sceptical when I clicked on the website to read a bit more about it. I wondered if it might be schmaltzy. 

But I was impressed with some of the candidates and the whole thing, to be honest. It does at least provide welcome evidence that there are some people around who aren't just out for what they can get. 

Looks like a worthy overall winner in the 4th annual awards in Dr. Ingida Asfaw, a surgeon from Detroit, who has been doing good works in Ethiopia and will now get a Volvo every three years for the rest of his natural.

Well done Volvo. Imaginative initiative and a commendable one.

Volvo for life awards


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