Blog: Glenn BrooksVolvo creates a high-priced model especially for....nope, not China

Glenn Brooks | 17 April 2013

Launch control is standard: yes, this really is a Volvo

Launch control is standard: yes, this really is a Volvo

We're used to hearing about cars such as the four-cylinder Jaguar XJ that is sold only in China. But this is a surprise: a high-priced model for a far smaller market, but one that has tellingly now had 22 years of uninterrupted expansion. Ka ching!

VCC is cleverly cashing in on the huge amounts of cash washing about down under, by announcing that Australia will be the only country where the forthcoming S60 Polestar will be available. Or rather, that this will be the test market for this 257kW (350bhp) & 500+Nm super-sedan, inspired by the touring car racer of the same name.

How much for this new flagship for the S60 range? VCC isn't saying, only that the launch is set for June. If ever we needed proof that the UK is now considered a submerging market when it comes to the sales potential for high-priced performance sedans with big petrol engines, here's the proof.


Colossal China powers on

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country....

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