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Dave Leggett | 17 September 2008

GM's unveiling of the Volt was quite something. Expectations were high, but the car actually looks like a creative real world car that has had some serious thought put into it. And it's stylish - inside and out. It perhaps provides some light in a week in which the economic gloom - especially in the US - has mounted

If it can really deliver as a product, then the time of the 'range-extender' may well have come and this could be a car that does GM a lot of good. If gasoline-electric hybrids are a kind of transitional solution between the fossil fuel burning ICE and the fully electric vehicle, the range extender could reasonably be said to have taken a few more steps on the linear path to fully electric. There is not the expense and weight of carrying two powertrains, but it also gets around the problem of limited range due to the battery technology. And that latter problem is taking a lot of time and expense to crack.

Proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but the Volt, so far, looks and sounds like a highly encouraging development. It's almost enough to take minds of the more immediate short-term pressures in the US market.  

US: GM unveils production Volt on centennial


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