Blog: Dave LeggettVoicemail

Dave Leggett | 6 November 2003

Voicemail has a role of course. Although I am firmly of the opinion that some people abuse it, we cannot be at the end of our phones 24/7. But one thing consistently irritates me when listening to messages. As you listen attentively and sense the message is nearing its end, the contact telephone number is delivered at rapid fire pace. What was that? You want to make a note of it and call back later, but you have to keep listening to the message to piece the number together. Four replays later and you're still not sure because the dunderhead is mumbling. Aargh! If you ever get a voicemail message from me, you'll note that I give the number twice and at super-slow speed in case you're writing it down. What is wrong with people? Calm down, calm down. Time for a cup of tea.


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