Blog: Dave LeggettVoice problems

Dave Leggett | 16 February 2004

Today I'm sounding like a cross between a hoarse Don Corleone and a distressed cat. My voice is close to giving up for some reason. So today isn't a very good day to be indulging in telephonic communication, but as luck would have it, that is what I've spent most of the morning doing. I've left a message on someone's voicemail that should raise a laugh, if they can actually understand what the pubescent teenager is trying to say.

I know it is Monday and we should all be seriously getting down to work, but someone has just sent me a link to a story about an Ohio dealership that was conned by a 16 year-old into supplying him with a top of the range BMW. It was actually delivered to his high school! Did he break off from classes to sign for it? I hope the authorities are lenient with the enterprising young scallywag.

16 year-old's BMW scam


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