Blog: Dave LeggettVoice-activated owner's manual

Dave Leggett | 24 April 2003

Must say I like the sound of ATX's 'e-owner's manual'. My experience with the hardcopy versions is frequently frustrating due to the sheer quantity of information - some of it superfluous - that they contain and there is indeed a lot of cross-referencing. And they can make the voice-activated version relateable to the most commonly asked questions - such as 'what are the correct tyre pressures?' And you can also ask an operator for a response too. That could be handy. I recently changed a wheel on my Renault and the diagram in the owner's manual which supposedly identified the jack points under the car was simply appalling.

The e-owner's manual can also advise drivers and provide handy hints. Some people will find it more useful than others: 'You are advised that although it is raining lightly, visibility is currently five kilometres in every direction and that operation of the rear foglights is therefore unnecessary.'


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