Blog: Dave LeggettVirgin Volvos?

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2006

There was an interview with Virgin empire boss, 'ethical' entrepreneur and old hippy Richard Branson in the Sunday Times yesterday. The man is no mug and is apparently drawing up plans to get on the biofuel bandwagon. Here's an extract:

'Virgin fuels will seize the opportunity that the likes of BP and Shell have failed to grasp. “Virgin fuels would be a great mix of ethical and business reasons. I have been to see the president of Volvo to ensure that they are ethanol friendly,” says Branson, “and we have had talks with them about making a Virgin Volvo.”

'Branson claims that within five years there will be Virgin fuel pumps on the forecourts possibly filling up Virgin Volvos and saving the planet. It sounds far-fetched but given his past form he may just do it. And then sell the company.'

Virgin Volvos though? I'd have thought Volvo would be happy enough with its own brand and that brand's core values, to carry through an ethanol powered car to market. Linking with Virgin in too explicit a way could undermine those values. But people will sit up and take notice of what Branson says, even if his franchised Virgin brand has not always been a roaring success (ahem, the trains...).

Link to full interview below.

Me and My Motors: Richard Branson


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