Blog: Dave LeggettViking's revenge!

Dave Leggett | 16 April 2010

What seemed like a fairly freakish event yesterday is now starting to disrupt colleagues' travel plans. I am talking about the volcanic dust cloud from Iceland that has grounded aircraft across much of northern Europe. How long will this thing last? History suggests it could go on for a while, but a change in wind direction would certainly help us out in the short-term.

It also proves the old adage: expect the unexpected. I am already starting to think about the potential economic impact in Europe of this event. Much depends on the duration of the current disruption and whether it is seen as a one-off or not. And are some JIT time-critical parts for auto manufacturers now failing to arrive by air?   

The jokes have started to surface. Icelander to Briton: 'Oh, you wanted our cash? We thought you said ash.'


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