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Dave Leggett | 16 January 2008

So, where's Vigo, Spain, on the map? I thought it wasn't far from Barcelona - inland a bit - but it turns out it's on the other side of the Iberian peninsula on the Atlantic coast. Glad I Iooked it up (avoids small talk embarrassment later).

I'm flying there this evening on a charter flight out of Farnborough (no, I'm not in Detroit this year) for an overnight stay before a PSA press conference and tour of the plant tomorrow morning. PSA makes the Berlingo/Partner small vans/MPVs there and the ranges have just been updated. It must be important because the programme says Christian Streiff will be there, too. Actually, these LCVs are often unsung heroes for some European OEMs - they make decent margins and also help to spread volume on engines/transmissions/architectures/parts shared with cars. 

We're flying back tomorrow afternoon so it really is a quick in and out. There won't be time for surfing.  

FRANCE: PSA updates popular flexi-vans


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