Blog: Simon WarburtonVictor Muller sketches out what Saab logo might have been

Simon Warburton | 8 October 2012

Muller sketches what Saab logo might have been

Muller sketches what Saab logo might have been

At the recent Paris motor show, I was queuing to put my coat in when I noticed the person in front of me was ex-Saab and current Spyker CEO, Victor Muller.

I badgered him for an interview and he agreed to see me later on the Lamborghini stand, where I had a fascinating 20 minutes on matters Saab and Spyker.

Muller revealed that way before Scania's objection to National Electric Vehicle Sweden using the famous Griffin logo for its reborn Saab, he had wanted to drop the symbol and revert to a more aircraft-based design.

He even took my notebook and sketched what he thought that might look like - see above.

Meanwhile, anyone in the UK who watched Top Gear last night (7 October) will have seen the programme devote considerable coverage to Saab.

Top Gear's not my favourite - a bit too scripted for me - but they clearly had a soft spot for Saab's classic 900 Turbo - the latter word being applied at the time to just about anything to make it appear cool - as even one person observed - to 'turbo sunglasses.'

The programme was scathing about Saab's advertising, which included a huge amount of aviation-related themes, but the underlying impression was one of genuine admiration for a brand that insisted on remaining apart.

Back to Muller and just for good measure, the former Saab boss added to me he wished NEVS "all the luck in the world," but noted rather intriguingly: "I don't understand their business model, but who am I?"


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