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Dave Leggett | 28 September 2007

If you are interested in developments in Very Cheap Vehicles there are several items just published on just-auto that I'd like to draw to your attention.

Mark Bursa got a few things out of Frankfurt on the subject. He spoke to Renault Logan programme chief Gerard Detourbet and got some insights from him:

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: It’s a Logan, but not as we know it

And this on a sub-Logan Tata fighter for south Asia: EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Renault VCV could produce a bigger car with wider appeal

Also in Frankfurt earlier this month, I attended a SupplierBusiness event and you may have read the articles I subsequently wrote up on just-auto:

GERMANY: NA suppliers say GM getting better to deal with, Ford worse

GERMANY: Russia’s supplier industry playing catch-up – Bo Andersson

GERMANY: Tata shoots for 1 million pa volume on 1-lakh car

I also collared one of the speakers (ex-McKinsey Glenn Mercer) and got his permission to reproduce what I thought was an informative and thoughtful presentation on low-cost cars. It's a slide presentation that lends itself to reproduction because it flows logically and the slides are content rich. Anyway, if you're a just-auto paying subscriber (and thanks for that, by the way) you can download Glenn's presentation along with a host of other reports in the 'management briefings' area of the site.

just-auto management briefings




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