Blog: Dave LeggettVehicles for emerging markets

Dave Leggett | 25 September 2003

Some interesting feedback in my inbox today from yesterday's 'editor's weekly highlights' newsletter on the subject of vehicles for emerging markets. An ex-Ford man points out that in the early 1970s, Ford developed the 'Ford Fiera'. It was a low cost, multi purpose, utilitarian vehicle manufactured in the Philippines. Built on a unique platform with a family of 7 derivatives, it was launched in 1972 at a retail price of 12,000 Philippine Pesos, equivalent to approx US$1,000. According to my source, the Fiera 'sold like hot cakes in The Philippines, was launched in Thailand and Malaysia and was about to be released in India when Ford - in the midst of a cash crisis - pulled the plug on its Asian operations in 1981'.


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