Blog: Dave LeggettVauxhall's 'bowling club'

Dave Leggett | 21 June 2010

I have to admit, a press release from Vauxhall has managed to startle me this Monday morn. It is headed 'Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club' and it describes a marketing event for GM's UK brand as follows: 'Dust off your flat cap, don your best white trousers or pleated skirt and slip on your slip-ons, because on 1st August for one day only Brick Lane in London will undergo a major transformation into a professional standard bowling green, courtesy of Vauxhall Motors.'

Yes folks, you heard right. We're talking about Brick Lane in London's east end, home to many a Bangladeshi rag trade emporium, renowned also for its curry houses and certainly not somewhere that you'd associate with lawn bowling – a quaint and leisurely affair over here associated with, well, people of fairly advanced age. That said, maybe I'm behind the times and it's the latest big thing, youngsters in cardigans and slacks all over Britain latching on to the joys of rolling balls at Jacks across manicured lawns. Sherries all round!

Anyway, there will be music there for the kids – live bands and DJ sets - and it does all sound like quite a bit of fun. Nice work by the art illustrator on the VMBC crest. Tickets are free.

Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club


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