Blog: Dave Leggett@uto(TM)Revenue

Dave Leggett | 29 July 2003

I've been sent a press release about an eCRM (customer relationship management using the web) company (specialising in eCRM for auto dealerships) hitting some revenue milestone. Now, it may well be that the company is a pioneering one and doing well. It's hard for me to judge. But am I alone in not feeling too much goodwill for a company whose name I cannot read? @uto(TM)Revenue is a company name. Bit cumbersome isn't it? And '@uto'? How does one pronounce that: at-oo-to? at-uh-toe? at-auto? Maybe it's a detail they are not concerned with and use of the @ symbol is more important to stress high-tech credentials. But it looks daft to me. Maybe I should call them just to see what the switchboard operators say?


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