Blog: Dave LeggettUS economy eclipses MG Rover

Dave Leggett | 25 November 2003

I've just had someone from the Beeb on the phone to say that the MG Rover item planned for the BBC World Service's 'World Business Report' has been cancelled - so no radio interview for me. They're terribly sorry (thank heavens I wasn't on my way to the studio). The reason for the cancellation? Another story had come in and it took precedence. That's the way it goes of course. No problem. But I had to know - what was the story? US economic growth figures he said. Guess I'd have to concede that the latest data on the US economy is of more relevance to a global audience than developments at poor old MGR. Pity. I was in the mood for it (and that's not always the case, believe me).


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