Blog: Dave LeggettUpcoming LMC Automotive forecasting event and Brexit panel

Dave Leggett | 6 May 2016

LMC Automotive has a forecasting event with a very strong European focus coming up. It’s an annual event and something I try and get along to if I can – it provides a very solid update on major market and production trends in the region. It takes place in both Frankfurt and London on consecutive days. Looks like a good and topical agenda. This year I am going along to the London event on May 25 and I will also be participating in the panel to discuss “Brexit and its Implications for the Automotive Sector”. This is a subject that is sure to be attracting more attention as the June 23 UK EU in-out national vote nears. Opinion polls suggest that the result will be close.

Amid the hurly burly of the political campaigning and the delicate public positions being taken by companies worried by possible trade/economic implications, we shall hopefully be getting closer to a real understanding of how the auto industry in the UK stands to be impacted if the UK’s political relationship with the EU changes. I am looking forward to that discussion, in particular.

More details of the event


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