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Dave Leggett | 15 July 2004

I've been invited to the Honda FR-V European launch for journalists in mid-October. Interior packaging and layout should be interesting, as it has six seat configuration, like the wide-as-a-bar Fiat Multipla. And where will the launch be? The Frascati area around Rome, apparently. Doesn't sound too unpleasant does it? Duration is a couple of days. Tough job but someone has to do it etc. Incidentally, the export name, FR-V, stands for "Flexible Recreational Vehicle" aligning with Honda’s extremely successful CR-V (Compact Recreational vehicle) off-roader.

Talking of interiors, Jason Davey at UK-based publisher and conference company IMS has been in touch to invite me to an interiors shindig they are having at Goodwood House, in Sussex - just south of London - in September. Click the link to see more.


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