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Dave Leggett | 29 July 2004

I'm going to be up with the larks tomorrow morning to make my way to Hams Hall, the BMW engine plant in the English Midlands that was created to supply Rover. BMW kind of got lumbered with it after the Rover Group firesale of 2000. What do you do? From a BMW standpoint: on the plus side, a headache is gone, we have Mini and LR's 4x4 technology. On the minus, we have a brand new engine plant but the customer is suddenly gone...

But they're making a half-decent fist of things, even if volumes still look pretty low against capacity. I don't get out to many engine plants, so I'm looking forward to it. There are presentations and a tour of the plant for journalists. Must remember to take my camera. And drink at least two cups of very strong coffee before going out of the door.


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