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Dave Leggett | 21 June 2005

I'm going up to the SMMT in London tomorrow morning for a presentation on a new report produced by the SMMT and DTI (Department of Trade and Industry, at least that's what I think it is still called after some daft renaming proposals recently emerged) looking at the UK's automotive engine industry. It's pretty sizeable these days and it will be interesting to consider it in its global context. See below link for a basic summary of UK powertrain operations.

(Sorry, but back to the DTI name change fiasco. Click here for a tale of taxpayers' money needlessly wasted: At least the DTI name follows the 'Ronseal principle' - does what it says on the tin. A few years ago some trendy types at the Post Office here decided it needed rebranding and came up with the name 'Consignia'. That was a sorry tale:

DTI website on UK powertrain operations


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