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Dave Leggett | 7 May 2014

I know people around the world sometimes find this a bit confusing - and understandably really - but the UK currently comprises four constituent countries: England, Scotland (its population deciding later this year whether to be fully independent or remain in the UK), Wales and Northern Ireland (I'll steer clear of a history lesson on Ireland). Great Britain is actually the big island that has England, Scotland and Wales on it and the UK is, to give it the full title, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That's what it says on our 'British' passports. Therefore, in my case, I am English and British. I come from both England and Great Britain (or the UK).

Some people in foreign lands find this all a bit much and use England and Britain a bit interchangeably. Just a friendly warning: if you ever loosely refer to someone from Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales as 'English' or from England, they probably won't like it very much - but they are technically 'British' and that's usually okay (unless from Northern Ireland where they tend to either love being British or really hate it and prefer to use an Irish passport instead). And the people of Scotland will not be part of the UK or the nation grouping of Great Britain (though they will still be on the island of Great Britain!) if they vote for independence later this year, though many in Scotland will likely continue to use their British passports in any case. Got it?

Anyway, I just noticed that the SMMT is providing a breakdown of car sales in the UK by constituent nation. England, by the way, is by far the most populous country in the UK's mix, as the car sales figures suggest. 

April 2013 April 2014 %ch Jan-April '13 Jan-April '14 %ch
England 136,699 149,164 9.12 646,882 729,473 12.77
Northern Ireland 4,127 4,403 6.69 20,114 23,057 14.63
Scotland 15,369 15,892 3.4 70,152 77,299 10.19
Wales 6,487 6,418 -1.06 28,758 32,408 12.69
Total 162,682 175,877 8.11 765,906 862,237 12.58





UK: Car market up 8.2% in April

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