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Dave Leggett | 4 May 2006

I have received a booklet from the SMMT (the UK's auto industry trade body) that gives some basic information and figures on the UK auto industry. The SMMT gives it out for free and it's a bit of a PR thing for the industry generally and for SMMT. It's a pretty decent job actually and has been designed to make the data as interesting as possible. There are little boxes with factoids, some of which are surprising.

For example, I knew that the UK car market had a relatively high proportion of roadster and cabrio sales, but the booklet says UK sales of these cars are three times higher than in France or Italy. Maybe people in these warmer and sunnier climes prefer to keep the sun at bay.

If only SMMT would send me that review copy of the full annual stats book they publish (at over £100, I can't really justify buying it, but it would be a useful thing to have as a reference source on the shelf - if you are reading this Chris, it would be handy; please send to address at the footer of this, I'm feeling cheeky today!).

Actually, it's a beaut of a day here - sunny and warm. I might just try my hand at trying to wangle a soft-top press car out of someone later. This evening I am out with Mr Mark 'Emerging Markets' Bursa for a beer and a Ruby Murray. Nice day for a beer in a beer garden. Will leave the car at home.

You can access that SMMT booklet ('Motor Industry Facts - 2006') as a pdf via the below link to the SMMT's rather splendiferous website (can I have an MIGB/World Automotive Stats yearbook now, SMMT? Please? Pretty please?).

SMMT website


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