Blog: Dave LeggettTyres - round, black and boring?

Dave Leggett | 23 February 2004

Tyres/tires - round, black and boring, right? Actually, the industry that puts the rubber on your wheels is huge and anything but boring. There's the increasing concentration of the industry, its rebalancing towards emerging market nations and the issue of recycling for starters. Tomorrow, Michelin is issuing its 2003 earnings results. In advance of that, the BBC is interviewing me later today. The vibes I'm picking up suggest that Michelin's '03 results will be, overall, worse than 2002's, but not too bad in the context of a weak dollar and higher raw material costs. I'll be having a look through a recently published just-auto published report on the tyre industry later this afternoon. What report? Click the below link and find out.

Tyre industry report


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