Blog: Dave LeggettTVR mess

Dave Leggett | 8 January 2007

What a sad and sorry tale at TVR - the low volume maker of sportcars based (well, was based...) at Blackpool in the north of England. The Russian who came in for it, offering real hope, appears to have been pretty clueless. Crates of fresh fruit and veg for the workers symbolised an owner perhaps a little out of his depth. In TVR we have an exotic make with product, a degree of engineering know-how, a brand with heritage and a substantial band of diehard customers/supporters. If the gameplan is taking production to Italy and minimising the costs of shutting the Blackpool site, that won't go down at all well with the existing customer base. And what would future TVRs be, exactly?

UK: Last TVR workers made redundant


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