Blog: Dave LeggettTuneful road noise

Dave Leggett | 22 September 2008

Okay, it's Monday morning and we all know how that feels. Cheer yourself up by listening to this clip. A stretch of road in California has been modified with grooves so that when you drive along it, the road noise plays the William Tell Overture (AKA the theme from the Lone Ranger). Those wacky guys in the Honda marketing department dreamt this one up.

Apparently, the local residents have objected to the noise and it's therefore just a temporary thing. It does make you think though. What about livening up those mind numbing stretches of motorway/highway that traverse industrial areas and where no-one is going to be irritated by the sound? It would have to be selective, applied in just a few places and I guess the sound energy given off is a little wasteful, but this could give motorists a few laughs.

Short video clip


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