Blog: Glenn BrooksTRW's folding steering wheel

Glenn Brooks | 5 July 2011

The retracting wheel should mean easier entry and egress

The retracting wheel should mean easier entry and egress

TRW seems to have a close eye on the future of the Chinese, German and Japanese car markets - three countries where the average age of the population is on the rise thanks to low birth rates dating back several decades. In the US, stiff joints are less of an issue for the average driver, who tends to be younger. However, TRW's folding steering wheel idea will no doubt prove extremely popular there too considering the physical size of the average American.

The wheel itself features retractable handles which, when collapsed, allow the steering wheel to withdraw into the dashboard. Starting the ignition sees the steering wheel presented to the driver, repositioning itself automatically to a preset preference.

TRW reckons we should be seeing the innovative system on a production vehicle within five years.


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