Blog: Dave LeggettTribal nameplates

Dave Leggett | 28 November 2003

Along with the usual junk mail which included yet another CD-Rom from AOL (aside from the sheer waste, now including plastic packaging, the discs aren't even colourful enough these days to make it as office coffee mug coasters) a copy of Fleet News arrived in the post this morning. The newspaper says that native Americans are busy trademarking tribal names and insignias at the US Trademark and Patent Office. Names like Cherokee and Winnebago on vehicles are not expected to disappear anytime soon, but using new ones in the future may be more difficult as a result. But, as the newspaper rightly points out, we don't have this tribal names problem in Britain as our 'tribal names' aren't exactly evocative. 'The Rover Brummie, Vauxhall Scouser and Ford Cockney are not expected to make it into production.' What about the Nissan Geordie? - on second thoughts maybe the good people of Sunderland wouldn't like that one.


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