Blog: Dave LeggettTraverse City next month

Dave Leggett | 19 July 2004

I’ve never actually made it to the Traverse City OSAT University of Michigan seminar that takes place every year in early August, but I gather it’s a worthwhile event. I first heard about it many years ago when David Cole was there. There are some top speakers and there’s usually some news to come out of it. But beyond that, it’s a major networking thing and I believe there are plenty of good golf courses around those parts too.

I’ve had an e-mail from US-based Brit former diplomat and general wheel-oiler  Jeremy Burne and he’s reminded me that he’s going and that I commissioned him to write a piece when we met up at Indy F1 qualifying last month. I remember the moment the deal was done very clearly. We were queuing at the bar in a VIP suite. In one ear, the F1 cars were roaring. It was hot and I was thirsty. In the other ear, orders were being shouted to the barmaid. There was a big plastic bin full of ice and bottles of Bud Light. Not exactly my usual tipple, but right now, nothing else would do. But the barmaid had the only bottle-opener.

I wanted her attention, as did another dozen similarly thirsty and focussed people. That, of course, was the important business at hand but in one of those moments that I realised someone else was getting attended ahead of me (as per usual), I looked to my left. It was a pinstripe-suited Jeremy Burne – we’d last met at SEMA in Las Vegas four years ago over coffee in the press lounge. We were off and running, just stopping the chatter – appropriately - to make way for our respective drink orders. Jeremy the suave diplomat was on the champagne and very much in his element. I would imagine he’ll be getting himself about at TC and I look forward to reading his take on it.  


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