Blog: Dave LeggettTrabants for AfriCar?

Dave Leggett | 15 May 2003

There are reports this week in South Africa that a businessman is seriously looking to raise the cash to make a version of the old GDR-produced Trabant, that memorable symbol of the break-up of the former communist Eastern Bloc. The new car would be aimed at meeting South African needs for an 'AfriCar' that is affordable to a wide section of the population down there (selling at around 25,000 rand or USD 3,250). The plan is for low-tech cars with simple, sturdy steel frames and strong suspensions to handle bad roads. It will also have plastic parts like the old Trabants. Simple to build, maintain and using basic technology, maybe the idea isn't as daft as it sounds at first hearing. Could it really happen? Go Trabbie go.


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