Blog: Dave LeggettToyota's trademark trial

Dave Leggett | 7 August 2003

BRG Townsend's Automotive Newswire for Thursday says Toyota Motor is reportedly the first non-Chinese car maker heading for court with a Chinese car maker for trademark infringement. Apparently Toyota has filed suit against the Geely Group for using a Toyota trademark on its Merry model, and is asking for $US1.7 million in damages.

It's an interesting development, in light of recent reports of the 'cloning' of US-designed SUVs.

BRG Townsend reckon trademark infringement is common in China, where there is little respect for any intellectual property and not much sympathy within the government - or its legal system - for trademark 'pirating'. They added that there's an old saying among aerospace firms that China would always order three of something - one to copy from and two to sell to cover the cost of the three items purchased.
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