Blog: Dave LeggettToyota's Scion youth brand

Dave Leggett | 31 July 2003

Apparently, Toyota's Scion brand - a funky brand for Generation Y'ers - is outperforming in the US. So much so, that Scion is asking Toyota to raise production of the two models sold under the brand. But the big seller is the xB, rather than the xA. Scion xB is outselling xA at a ratio of two to one in California, where the cars have initially gone on sale. That is just a little surprising to me. Click on the below link to see pics of the two cars. Maybe it's something to do with the greater space in the xB - more room for your extreme sports' gear. Or maybe that boxy design is simply seen as cool and I wouldn't know cool if it got up and punched me in the face.


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