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Dave Leggett | 7 September 2007

The sharp guys at Autoblog (they don't miss much) spotted this one. Apparently, there's a bloke at Toyota in the USA who could be described as 'Mr Blog' (otherwise known as 'corporate manager of consumer-generated media'). I guess it's a sign of the times we live in and the increasing importance of online media generally, but especially in the auto industry and amongst car consumers/prospective buyers.

Thankfully, Mr Blog has a sense of humour: "My office has a bank of 16 monitors and I sit in here, surf the Internet and drink 10 gallons of coffee a day. No, not really. Actually I have one computer, although I do spend a fair amount of time in the Internet, although not my entire day. I'd say I spend about 30% of my day there, which would include management of the Toyota blog and monitoring other blogs."

Come on people. Online is the way to go. Trad print is finished. Actually, I don't quite believe that, but I do think t'internet will keep getting stronger...

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Toyota's Mr Blog


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