Blog: Dave LeggettToyota's diesel

Dave Leggett | 26 March 2004

I got out in the Toyota Corolla Verso equipped with the D-4D diesel engine yesterday. The driving route provided by Toyota took us into some striking Andalucian terrain with some steepish climbs and also long shallow ones - ideal testing conditions for the engine. The 2 litre D-4D engine coped pretty well; very torquey with plenty of power when needed. I prefered it to the 1.8 litre petrol unit of yesterday and a few years ago I'd never have imagined saying something like that about a diesel engine.

Toyota was pretty late to the diesel engines for car applications game and that must have hampered its sales performance in Europe - so its market success so far has been in spite of that! That ought to be a slightly scary thought for the company's main European competitors. 

The Verso's much-liked sat-nav went bonkers though - maybe something to do with the mapping of the roads in southern Spain. We resorted to a hardcopy map and calling the irrepressible synthesized voice all the names under the sun. She didn't seem to mind at all - just kept giving us rubbish advice, regardless. Myself and Winton still thought we were way ahead of the game and were just slightly crestfallen to see that most of the other drivers made it to the final destination way before us.

It was then back on to an aircraft and before we knew it, grey skies, cold and a clogged up M25 motorway (the road widening around the Heathrow Airport section is a total nightmare). Thoughts of a 24-hour break to warm sunshine, clear roads, perfectly cooked giant Spanish omelettes and horses trained to walk backwards started to recede.


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