Blog: Dave LeggettToyota Prius

Dave Leggett | 24 November 2003

What was the Toyota Prius like to drive? Fine. I didn't exactly take it to the limit, but it seemed okay in the varied 30-minute drive around the roads of urban and rural Berkshire that I took it on (Windsor Castle, by the way, looked resplendent in the watery November sunshine). But that's also a measure of success. It didn't seem unusual - but it is an unusual vehicle. Big but energy efficient. Yes, the D-segment billing didn't seem unwarranted. I stuck it in 'drive' and it was fine. Quick enough at all times (for me anyway). Eerily quiet though when the electric motor was running (wonder if that could be a safety issue? can pedestrians be fooled into thinking it's safe to cross, just before being mowed down by a super silent Prius?). I think there may well be more interest in the car in Britain than the 1,500 units allocation for 2004 allows. It's certainly a leap on the first one - looks, interior and performance.

But the real mover and shaker could yet be the Lexus RX330 SUV-base hybrid. That could really go down seriously well in the USA. 'More power, better mileage, what's not to like?' - got that choice quote from

I had a good chat with Alun Parry from Toyota GB in the marquee at Windsor racecourse and I've managed to draft a news item. Nothing Earth-shattering. Hope I can have a day at the races sometime. Click to read.


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